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Expertise in Cryptocurrency Forensics and Custom Blockchain Solutions

High-Level Overview of Services

BlockTrace offers comprehensive cybercrime investigation services specializing in the complexities of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Our team of expert engineers and investigators leverage cutting-edge technology to uncover and analyze illicit activities on the blockchain. We provide custom solutions through our software and data engineering services that offer deep insights into blockchain transactions. Our services cater to both government agencies and private sector clients, including individuals involved in civil cases and victims of digital asset-related crimes.


BlockTrace conducts thorough investigations into digital asset crimes, utilizing advanced forensic techniques to trace and analyze blockchain transactions. Our expertise allows us to identify and mitigate fraud, theft, and other illicit activities, providing detailed reports and evidence to support legal proceedings and recovery efforts.

Software & Data
Engineering Services

We design and develop custom solutions that offer real-time insights into blockchain and digital asset transactions. Past projects have included dashboards tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, providing intuitive visualizations and analytics that aid in decision-making and strategic planning.

Public Sector Support

BlockTrace partners with government agencies to enhance their capabilities in combating cybercrime. We offer specialized training, advisory services, and investigative support to help these agencies effectively address digital asset-related criminal activities.

Private Sector Assistance

Our services extend to individuals and organizations in the private sector dealing with the aftermath of hacks, thefts, and scams. BlockTrace provides investigative support, helping victims recover assets and build cases for legal action. We also assist in civil cases, offering expert analysis and evidence for matters such as divorce and bankruptcy proceedings involving digital assets.

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