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Pig Butchering: Understanding the Cybercrime and How BlockTrace Assists Victims


In recent years, a sophisticated form of cybercrime known as “pig butchering” has emerged, targeting unsuspecting victims and defrauding them of their digital assets. This article delves into what pig butchering is, the mechanisms behind it, and how BlockTrace can assist victims in navigating the aftermath of such cybercrimes.

What is Pig Butchering?

Pig butchering, also known as “sha zhu pan” in Chinese, is a type of online scam where perpetrators build a relationship with their targets over time to defraud them of large sums of money. The term derives from the analogy of fattening a pig before slaughtering it. Scammers first invest time in “fattening” their victims by gaining their trust and convincing them to invest in fake cryptocurrency schemes, only to “butcher” them by disappearing with their money.

How Does Pig Butchering Work?

  1. Initial Contact: Scammers often initiate contact through social media, dating apps, or messaging platforms. They present themselves as trustworthy individuals, often posing as successful businesspeople or financial experts.
  2. Building Trust: Over weeks or even months, scammers engage in conversations with their targets, sharing investment tips and creating a facade of friendship or romance.
  3. Investment Pitch: Once trust is established, scammers introduce the idea of investing in lucrative opportunities, typically involving cryptocurrencies or high-yield investment programs.
  4. Fattening the Pig: Victims are encouraged to invest small amounts initially, which are often returned with profits to build confidence. This leads to larger investments.
  5. The Butchering: After significant sums have been transferred, scammers vanish, taking the victim’s money and leaving them with no recourse.

The Impact on Victims

Victims of pig butchering scams often face devastating financial losses, emotional trauma, and a profound sense of betrayal. The sophisticated nature of these scams makes it difficult for victims to discern the fraud until it is too late. Additionally, the cross-border nature of these crimes poses significant challenges for law enforcement and recovery efforts. It’s important to recognize that oftentimes the scammer is also a victim—perhaps of human trafficking or similar circumstances—being forced to engage in these unscrupulous activities.

How BlockTrace Can Provide Support

BlockTrace is committed to assisting victims of pig butchering scams by offering investigation, support, and educational services. It is crucial to understand that while we strive to aid in every possible way, we are not a crypto recovery service, nor do we position ourselves as saviors to victims. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the recovery of funds, as they are likely lost for good. Our goal is to mitigate the impact of these scams through our comprehensive approach.

  1. Thorough Investigations: BlockTrace employs advanced blockchain analysis tools and investigative techniques to trace the flow of stolen funds. By identifying the paths these assets take, we work towards uncovering the identities of the perpetrators and potential recovery opportunities.
  2. Expert Support: Understanding the complexities and emotional toll of such scams, BlockTrace provides expert support to victims. Our team of experienced professionals guides victims through the process of reporting the crime, gathering evidence, and understanding their options.
  3. Collaborative Efforts: BlockTrace collaborates with law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and other cybersecurity firms to enhance the chances of tracking down and apprehending the scammers. By working together, we aim to create a safer digital environment and bring perpetrators to justice.


Pig butchering is a pernicious cybercrime that exploits trust and inflicts severe financial and emotional harm on its victims. BlockTrace is at the forefront of tackling this issue, providing comprehensive investigative services, expert support, and preventive education. While recovering lost assets is challenging and often uncertain, our commitment is to seek the best possible outcomes for our clients and contribute to a more secure digital landscape.


BlockTrace is a specialized investigation company focused on cryptocurrency-related cases, providing software and data engineering services with insights from various blockchains to both public and private sectors.

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BlockTrace is a specialized investigation company focused on cryptocurrency-related cases, providing software and data engineering services with insights from various blockchains to both public and private sectors.


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